Volunteer and Counsellor Thank You Event

On Thursday 30th March we held an event to say thank you to all of our volunteers and counsellors. Over the years they have given many hours which has enabled Beacon to progress and move forward. We are now growing and adding to our services meaning that we can help even more people throughout Stockport. The event gave us the opportunity to say thank you to the volunteers in person and show our appreciation for their hard work and commitment.

There are various roles that our volunteers are involved in from counselling, administration, evening receptionists to fundraising. This event was a great opportunity for the volunteers to mingle and talk to others that they may not have met before or only see from time to time. We enjoyed a buffet and a presentation from staff about the achievements of Beacon over the last 18 months. We shared our aims for the future, information about the difference our volunteers have made and the impact this has had on our clients. Our volunteers also received certificate to thank them for their contributions.

The event was a successful and pleasant evening and we look forward to doing it again in the future.