Stockport Mayor Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick

Stockport Mayor chooses Beacon Counselling as charity of the year

Beacon Counselling are delighted to have been chosen by Stockport Mayor, Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick as the Mayoral charity for the year.

James Harper, CEO at Beacon Counselling, said: “As a country we are facing an unprecedented challenge to mental health, and whatever the future the pandemic holds, we know that more people are experiencing poor mental health. This is a normal response to extraordinary circumstances and it is normal to need extra support at times.

“Beacon’s mission to improve mental health, well-being, and resilience has never been more important and we are here for you now. Our support for everyone, from children and young people through to young and older adults is available and proven to work. To continue being part of the answer to this pandemic we need your support, so please donate if you can.”