Corporate Support
Support us to support people like you, at home, at work and in your community. Talk to us about the many ways you and your business can help us to help you


There are many and varied ways your company and employees can support us, from sharing your skills, to fund raising, to Give As You Earn. You could work with us on a specific project. Recent examples include streamlining our operating processes with the help of a project manager with lean knowledge and experience, to running our biggest annual fundraiser helped by a professional fundraiser, tripling the amount raised in any one event.

Do you want to:

  • Build and strengthen your links with the local community
  • Ensure people choose to buy from you
  • Be known as a fantastic employer to work for

Working in partnership, together we can ensure that the support you give us reaps rewards for you too.

Nominate Beacon as your ‘Charity of the Year’, and show your customers and employees just who you are, that you care deeply about the mental health and well-being of others in your community. You know how important to the success of your business it is to have healthy and prosperous customers and staff.

Contact us today to chat through how we can build a successful partnership.


Motivating and relevant for your employees

We support ordinary people who are just like your colleagues


We are a local organisation, just like you, offering our services in Stockport and the surrounding communities.

Crucial time to show support

With the current economic climate and cuts to local services across the borough, your help is needed now more than ever.

A huge impact

We punch way above our weight, have a look at our Impact Report; like you, we play a big part in our community, being well-recognised for what we achieve. We’re passionate about what we do, just like you are about what you do

To discuss the potential options and explore any ideas you may have, please get in touch today on or by calling 0161 440 0055




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